How did B Gifted come about?

B Gifted Limited that was set up by Fiona Burge otherwise known as Fi (!) who has worked with designers, illustrators, copywriters and photographers for over twenty years and more recently focussed her skills within the gift industry.  Having spent her early years working in some of the leading Direct Marketing Companies in London, she ran studios as a Creative Services Manager and then later spent time out on the road as a Sales Account Manager which lead onto becoming the Group Product Manager for one of the largest independent Greeting Card Companies in the UK. In more recent years Fi has been working within the gift industry using her knowledge and skills for product development, sales activity and online marketing. "I can not imagine myself working outside this creative environment as I get to see so what is current in the gift industry, what's on trend, what's coming up and how the consumer and retailers are selecting products that deliver the desired results. So where does B Gifted come in to all of this? With my skills I felt I needed some other specialists, so decided to contact particular individuals who had worked with me before, also independent and followed the same ethics by understanding the individual project and person behind the business ensuring you're always getting the correct skill set for each project. I believe that collaboration of the right team ensures delivery of a job well done!"


Tash has worked in Brand Identity for over 25 years with skills that are highly developed with knowledge and experience.  Her ethics run completely within the B Gifted make up of ensuring each project is bespoke to the client's needs.

Andy is who we turn to for website development and his experience to date having worked in design has evolved from tackling problems practically and thoroughly to meet clients’ requirements and expectations.

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