It’s fantastic news that after a number of months pitching, B Gifted have got Frasers Fudj into the Award Winning M5 Gloucester Services.  We are so proud of this company “Frasers Fudj” as it’s creator is an 11 year old boy who wanted to earn some school trip spending money by making his Grandfather’s fudge and sell it at school.  Four Years later, Fraser has a number of retail shops stocking his fudge and the trade mark “Fudj” is becoming recognised all over the Cotswolds.  Well done Fraser… watch out Lord Sugar!!  So if you’re driving southbound on the M5 near Cheltenham and Gloucester and you feel a little peckish.. stop into the gorgeous farm shop within the services and pick up a bag of Frasers Fudj… lots of flavours to choose from.   Click on the image to be directed to his website.

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