If you're local to Cheltenham you may have heard of "The Core" which is a fantastic Juice Bar that offers incredible smoothies, juices and "Jay Halford's Raw Food" Dishes.  Jay Halford is an inspiration and has completely changed peoples views towards the HEALTHY FOOD Fads of today.  So many fads come and go, but I do believe that this one is here to stay.  So many people judge before they experience and I believe that Jay can educate so many with delicious dishes that don't come with guilty pleasure.... well, lots of pleasure.. but definitely no guilt! Have I sparked an interest?  I do hope so.  Log onto Jay's Website here for information, recipes and other news that I promise will will make you feel incredible!  Or better still why not book yourself onto one of Jay's Courses at The Foodworks Cookery School. Right.. thanks for reading and hope to hear all about your experiences of RAW. .. I'm off to buy a spiralizer!

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