Well what a month April was.  I took up a new position with the most fantastic Gift & Greeting Card Company as their Key Account Manager.  So who is the company?  Really Good Ltd & Soul UK. When friends and family have asked me who was I going to work for, then hear my response, their immediate reaction would be "Obviously it's a really good company Fi, or you wouldn't have accepted the position!"  So on numerous occasions I would explain that this company is in fact called "Really Good" and it really does live up to its' name. Founded by the most wonderful award winning character David Hicks, the business has evolved into an established brand that believes in innovative design within both sectors of the Greeting Card and Gift Industry.  Really Good has built up heaps of experience at producing exciting greeting cards and stationery along with an ever-increasing array of unique and refreshingly distinctive giftware.  

Each week has been amazing as I have had to hit the ground running!  Working back with Greeting Cards again feels like home to me having grown up within this sector and of course for the past eight years I have worked within the gift sector which has given me the latest insights into trends and demands of todays competitive industry.  This year sees an exciting time with the launch of some fantastic new gift ware ranges. Fish & Black comes from Really Good and I can assure you there is nothing fishy about the gifts here!  The collection includes Mugs, Coasters, Ceramic Dishes, Miniature Drinks Flasks and more to arrive soon.  Each item comes in its own Black gift box so makes a perfect gift for anyone who loves bright & fun products.  One of my favourite designs within the range is "Super Woman".. quite frankly it resonates with myself as there are so many times I feel I need to turn into Super Woman when juggling my full time job with family and home!

For the premium stationery sector Soul have launched the most stunning collection from Jessica Russell Flint, premium stationery that oozes style, vibrancy and the most stunning illustrations of prowling leopards, exotic birds and many more botanical images.  Truly this range can not stand out from the rest any more.  It is glorious in every sense of the word and I can't wait to start introducing it to my Key Accounts so they can love it as much as I do.

But before I finish, you may still be thinking "OK Fi so what items have Really Good and Soul produced that we would know?"  If I said "Bright Side" you may still think you know... but when I show you the range, you'll say "Ah yes of course, I love that range, in fact I even have received either a card or gift from the collection!"   Watch this space people, because Really Good and Soul are not just on the Bright Side, they have ranges you will want to enjoy, buy and receive in the bucket load!

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